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Marčić Tonči


Domovinskog rata 36

21420 Bol, Brač


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+385 (0) 1 3011 620

+385 (0) 21 635 387

Vidova gora

Vidova Gora is the highest point of the Adriatic archipelago (780 m). It derived its name from the ruins of the chapel of St. Vid (Vitus), a hundred metres from the peak, which is an indication that the population long ago worshipped the Slavic god, Svetovid. From Vidova Gora there is a wonderful view of Zlatni Rat (Golden Tongue) Beach and many coves, and across the sea to Hvar Island, Pelješac Peninsula, Korčula, Vis and Biševo, right out to the little island of Jabuka. On a particularly clear day, you can glimpse Monte Gargano on the Apennine Peninsula. There is a typical Dalmatian tavern at the top of Vidova Gora, serving spit-roasted lamb, Dalmatian ham (prosciutto), Brač wine and other specialities.

In stone plate that is placed under the konoba (traditional restaurant), on top of Vidova gora , there is incised a text from one of the most known Brač poets – Vladimir Nazor, which all Brač residents carry in their hearts with pride.  


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